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English Premier League Latest Betting Tips PT 2

Chelsea have drifted up to a price of around a 7/2 margin with a lot of bookmakers seeming a bit less confident in their ability to repeat the heroics that they displayed last season. The real trick to their edge has been consistency and the ability to grind out those 1-1 scorelines with 76 minutes left to play into 2-1 results when it really matters.


The bookmakers seem to be confident in the ability of Manchester United to get stuff done here again and they have been priced right alongside Chelsea with a 7/2 listing from most major bookmakers to finally get back to where they are supposed to be in terms of their league position. The Red Devils have been languishing in recent years after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson but you have to admit that Jose Mourinho has begun assembling a really formidable side here and if they can get out and play with the type of style that the Portuguese manager will be insisting on then they may very well be lifting the trophy next May.

What a sight that would be.

The odds then take a big jump to Spurs who can be backed at around a 9/1 margin and that’s a really credible result for them since they have been in the hunt the last few years without actually pulling off a trophy winning season in quite some time.

Arsenal are trading at a 12/1 margin and they are very solid right now and could certainly put together another top four finish but you get the feeling that a league victory is just a step too far for Arsene Wenger’s men.

Liverpool can also be backed around a 12/1 margin and then you’ve got their cross town rivals trading at 100/1 for Premier League glory.


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