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2020 Presidential Campaign Betting Update PT 1

Things had been looking relatively easy for President Donald Trump in the opening weeks of the year as the economy continued to grow to new levels and the Democrats appeared to be in disarray during their primary season. However, the arrival of COVID-19 has completely turned the election upside down as President Trump has been on the back heel thanks to the public’s interpretation of his lacklustre response to the crisis. 



This has led to one of the oddest - if not the oddest - election seasons in history as Joe Biden has emerged as the significant frontrunner for the victory in November despite hosting virtually no campaign events.

Questions have been rampant about Biden’s mental capacity as several moments during live appearances have left many observers scratching their heads and wondering if Biden is suffering from early onset dementia or not. This would certainly explain many of the verbal gaffes that have dominated much of the criticism of Biden up to this point. 

Trump remains steadfast on his promise of “law and order” thanks to the recent uptick in protests and rioting activity following the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. It looks increasingly like he may be on the wrong side of history at this stage. 

Many might blame Trump’s failure to read the tone of the nation as one of the main reasons why he has been unable to capture the enthusiasm that he had during his upstart 2016 run that saw him defeat Hillary Clinton against all odds to produce the biggest shock result in American history. 


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