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Latest US Presidential Election Betting

It appears clear that the bookmakers believe that the Democratic Primaries look to be effectively done and dusted with Joe Biden set to be the nominee to take on Donald Trump for the Presidential election in the fall. There are a number of different factors swirling around the campaign right now and things have definitely been turned upside down by the emergence of COVID-19. 


Donald Trump had been trading at an odds-on price prior to the beginning of the pandemic and he now appears to be priced right alongside Joe Biden according to the bookmakers. 

As it currently stands, you’ll find that virtually every bookmaker lists them both at an identical price - usually at even money or 11/10 to be elected president. Those odds could wind up shifting around dramatically based on the result of the pandemic currently going around. 

Bernie Sanders looks to have missed his chance at securing the Democratic nomination. Joe Biden winning the South Carolina primary really looked to have blunted all of Sanders’ momentum and the bookmakers now have him priced as high as a 33/1 margin to be named the next President of the United States. 

There are a few other interesting options out there if you think that either Trump or Biden could wind up being replaced on the ticket. Hillary Clinton is the shortest priced outside Democrat contender and there have been rumours that she is poised to replace Joe Biden on the ticket if he is proven to unwell or mentally unfit to actually secure the White House. You’ll find Hillary Clinton priced at 25/1. 


Mike Pence is trading around a 20/1 margin and he looks like he could be an interesting option but Donald Trump seems to have a pretty good handle on how everything is unfolding so a switch to Pence remains unlikely. One of the only other contenders who remains an interesting potential president is Nikki Haley and she is available anywhere between 50/1 and 100/1. 


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