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When it comes to sports betting the first question many people ask is how to bet online. Once that gets answered the second question is almost always the same: where can I find some online sports betting tips (or sports betting systems) to help me win?

This section of our site is dedicated to that second question. While you’re about to read a solid list of general tips and sports betting advice, you’ll find a complete list of all sports betting tipsters we trust below.

Sports Betting Tip #1: Know Thy Self

Before you can create a sports betting system, or make use of any tips, you need to know what kind of a bettor you are, and fully understand your goals. People bet on sports for a variety of reasons, the most common being for fun or to increase the interest in the sport.

Most likely your betting profile will take into account all of those reasons, the question is which ones are the most dominant. Understand why you’re betting first, that way you can maximize your bets to get the most out of your returns.

Sports Betting Tip #2: Bankroll Management

Whenever you decide to gamble in any form, you need to truly understand and employ bankroll management. First, you need to understand and define what your bankroll actually is. Your bankroll is the portion of your money used exclusively for betting. You should only ever be betting with money you can afford to lose, if you can’t afford it you’re betting with your life money, very poor bankroll management.

The second half of bankroll management is making sure you don’t waste your money. Sure, everyone wants to hit a million to one long-shot, but it’s foolish to risk your entire roll at the attempt. You should treat sports betting like a business: you make high-risk, high-yield investments. If you’re yield always out-weighs your risk, chances are you’re going to do all right.

Sports Betting Tip #3: Be an Expert

If you want to be successful, you have to do your homework. Simply betting on your favourite team, or “going with your gut”, is an almost sure-fire way to go broke. You need to become an expert on the sport: live and breathe it. Read blogs, news, interviews, scouting reports and forms... whatever information is available you should get your hands on.

If you don’t have time to source all of this information yourself, look to a reliable tipster service to do this for you and compiles the information into an easy to read and digest format.

Remember, the bookies have to stay on top of every match of every sport they offer; you only have to follow one. They simply don’t have the time or resources to follow one specific sport as closely as you can. The more plugged in to the sport you are, the more likely you are to come across a vital piece of information before the bookies catch wind of it.

Sports Betting Tip #4: Maximize Your Return

It simply doesn’t make sense to sign up to one bookmaker, and make all of your best through them. Since every bookmaker is ultimately in charge of setting their own odds you’ll find different odds and markets at different bookmakers, even for the same event.

Get yourself an account on multiple bookmakers, and shop around to find the best odds available to you. Grabbing an extra point whenever you place a bet will significantly increase your profit line in the long-run.

Sports Betting Tip #5: Understand Betting Trends

Firstly it’s important to understand that the odds on a match change depending on the bets being made. The bookmakers will set the line initially, but when a larger volume of bets are placed on one side or another the line will move to reflect the bets. This is how bookmakers help keep themselves from getting trounced from setting a poor line.

In short: as people place bets, the odds change.

To get the most out of your bets you want to bet when you will get the best odds (unless otherwise stated, your bet is always locked in at the odds you made it, not the odds at the time of the bet closing).

For example, the majority of fans and casual bettors place their bets at the last minute, and they almost always bet on the favourite. If you’re planning on betting on the underdog, your odds will almost always be best by placing your bet late.

On the other hand, if you want to bet on a favourite it almost always pays to get your bet in early, before too many other punters kill your profit margin.

Those are the basic general sports betting tips for you, it’s now up to you to choose who, what, when and how much to bet. If you’re interested in getting some tips from a professional, check out our tipster services below. Each one of these tipsters has been personally vetted by the BettingChoice staff, and couldn’t be more highly recommended.

Tremendous winning record over the last two years
World-class customer service

Martin Bishop Racing

Martin Bishop is the UK’s best performing Horse Racing tipster. With a record of 484 points last year (meaning anyone who bet on every Martin Bishop tip for 2010 won total return of 484 times their total stakes) it’s easy to see why this site is growing at a tremendous rate.

While being incredibly deep and detailed in their analysis, the tips are sent to members in a format easily understood by beginners and old hands alike.

The site offers a free (no strings attached) three day trial, with no obligation to commit. If you do choose to commit through BettingChoice you’ll get an exclusive 50% membership extension at no additional charge.

One of the most reliable sources in the industry
Tips span all football markets

Soccer Betting Hotline

Run by the Racing Post, the Soccer Betting Hotline provides you with football betting tips for the weekend, and today. Unlike many football tipsters who tend to give vague or basics tips, the Soccer Betting Hotline pours over all markets and lines from the bookmakers to tip on the best value across all football markets.

Get tips on winning sides, first goalscorer, corners and much more.

Thanks to being completely owned and operated by the Racing Post, you can be assured that every tip, and tipster working for the service, is up to the Racing Post standards. The hotline stands behind their tips and has gotten a large number of positive reviews and feedback.

0905 2302959 UK residents only BT UK calls cost £1 per min. Calls from other networks and mobiles will vary. 18+ ONLY UK SP Centurycomm Ltd. E14 !AP. Helpline UK 0870 487 4870
the full backing and support of the Racing Post, UK’s #1 Horse Racing publication
Tips from four of the world’s most respected tipsters, lead by Tom Segal

Racing Post PriceWise

Here’s the deal: Most horse racing tipsters get a significant amount of their data from the daily Racing Post publication. Skip the middle-man and get your horse racing tips directly from the pro’s at the Racing Post.

The Pricewise horse racing tips are compiled by the all-star handicapping team of Tom Segal, Eddie ‘The Shoe’ Fremantle, Andrew Barr and Ben Hutton. Tom Segal’s picks alone finished 2010 up 115 points, down from 222 the year before.

If consistency is paramount for your choice of tipsters, the Racing Post Pricewise is hard to beat. No other horse racing tipster service can claim even a fraction of the experience as the combined Pricewise crew.

The Pricewise service runs as a telephone hotline, call now to get all of horse racing tipsfor today or tomorrow.

0904 1600 177 TEXT BCPRICE to 84080 UK residents only Text cost 1.53 per msg+ standard network charge. You will receive 1 tip per day (max weekly cost £10.50) To quit send STOP to 84080. Full ts and cs Lines updated by 12 midday. Calls cost £1.53 per call from a BT Landline. Calls may cost more from other networks and mobiles. Full cs and ts at