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2015 Wimbledon Betting Tips PT 1

The next major Grand Slam tennis tournament is finally set to kick off on Monday with the 2015 iteration of Wimbledon now upon us. There is plenty to like about this tournament and England Grand Slam always brings about a heightened betting interest from some of the casual punters so there will be a lot more money going around than you’re likely to see in many of the other big tournaments that happen throughout the year. 


Taking a look at the outright betting prices for the Men’s tournament, you’ll be struck quite quickly by how unlikely the bookmakers consider Rafael Nadal to be for this one. He’s trading as the fifth favourite with a hefty 22/1 price tag. While he hasn’t been on fire lately or anything like that, it is still quite interesting to see him trading at odds reminiscent of Tiger Woods in the current golf markets. 

It wasn’t long ago that Rafael Nadal was terrorizing surfaces on all four corners of the globe and racking up big victories in major championships. That has fizzled out recently while even Roger Federer continues to hang tough and pull off victories left and right at the big contests. 

It probably goes without saying that Novak Djokovic is the significant betting favourite to win the Men’s Wimbledon tournament. The bookmakers have him trading at a 7/5 listing right now and that’s not a bad bet all things considered because we are effectively assuming that the Serbian sensation will make it to the finals of Wimbledon at the very least. 

Andy Murray is going to be the real wildcard here and it must be mentioned up front that he is always over bet and underpriced at Wimbledon and, while he was able to secure a payout for punters last year, you are seldom ever getting genuine odds on Murray if you’re backing him with a UK facing book. 

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