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2016 US Open Men's and Women's Betting Preview PT 1

Now that the US Open is finally kicked off in Arther Ashe Stadium in New York City, the bookmakers have finally turned up the heat in regards to the wagering markets for both the Men's and Women's singles. We have had a really fascinating year so far in the Grand Slams and it's going to be really interesting to see if it all continues along the same plane. Things look especially tight in the men's division but who knos how it will all pan out – since there are a number of talented outsiders lining up at big odds.


It probably goes without saying that the bookmakers see the Men's Singles Tournament as a bit of a dogfight betwene the current ranked #1 and #2 global players. Both Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray are the only men listed at relatively plausible prices (i.e. Ones that don't verge into double digits) to capture the title at the end of the tournament itself.

Djokovic's odds have actually drifted slightly in the opening phase of the tournament and punters will now find him trading as high as 9/5 on the exchanges with most major bookmakers placing him anywhere from a 5/4 margin all the way up to a 7/4 listing.

There are more than a few popular books that have Djokovic and Murray both available at the exact same price and, in instances where this is happening, the price tends to be around a 6/4 each-way toss-up.

Look for Murray priced as high as a 9/5 margin as well so this one really looks to be a straight up dogfight between the two talented players. The style of play at Arther Ashe makes this one even more suited to the two top selections.  

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