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2017 Europa League Final Goalscorer Betting Tips PT 1

The Europa League Final is going to be an especially fascinating contest for the simple reason that there are going to be so many matchwinners on the pitch at the same time as each other. This means that a lot of individuals seem to think that this one could wind up being a pretty open affair despite the bookmakers seemingly favouring only a single team to score in this contest.


The betting on that market right now stands at a fairly effective arrangement of the No option garnering everywhere from ¾ all the way up to a 9/10 price tag depending on which bookmaker you are using.

You will find anywhere from a 9/10 listing all the way up to a 21/20 margin for both teams to score in this contest. It’s also worth remembering that Manchester United won’t be fielding first-choice keeper David De Gea since his replacement has been handling the Europa League duties and Mourinho has specified that he sees no real reason to change things up now.

The first goalscorer in the match is going to be crucial and you can back Marcus Rashford as the preferred option to grab the opening goal of this contest and you have to assume that Mourinho will give him the start here to grab the first goal in this important contest.

Rashford has been one of the few genuinely bright spots for United all year so you have to assume that he’s going to be a key part of getting them over the line in this massive fixture.


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