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2018 Men’s Australian Open Betting Update

Now that we are a ways into the tournament in the 2018 Men’s Australian Open, we are finally getting down to the semi final stage with a number of top names having already crashed out of the competition. The Australian Open is typically one of the toughest grand slam tournaments for the entire season so it’s probably not surprising to see this happening.

There is a lot to like about Roger Federer’s chances here and he remains in the mix with a very short price hovering around a ⅖ margin with a number of major European bookmakers.

The best price that you’ll find on Federer out there is trading at around ½ but that is probably not going to last particularly long if you’re lookin to actually lock in a wager sometime soon.

The next closest competitor is Marin Cilic and it’s not entirely out of the question that he would have a shot here with the bookmakers considering him the only real key spoiler with a price of around a 10/3 margin right now and you have to reckon that price will drop after the next contest.

Hyeon Chung is an interesting outside option here and he looms large around an 8/1 price with a number of bookmakers though you will find him at a price as high as a 10/1 margin right now if you keep your eyes peeled. Kyle Edmond is the longest shot on the board and punters will find him priced as high as a 20/1 margin though most float around 14/1.


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