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Barcelona vs Bayern Munich Champions League Tips PT 1

After the other Champions League Semi Final turned out to be a really fascinating fixture, there is plenty of anticipation ahead of the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich match-up that is set to unfold on Wednesday. 


Obviously there is a lot to like about this game since both sides rank amongst Europe’s out-and-out powerhouses but the twists and turns we expect in this one could make it a rather tricky affair to actually turn a profit on so we’ll be looking at some of the more interesting wagers here and trying to get a gauge on how things will shape up. 

With the kick-off happening at Camp Nou, it’s no genuine surprise that Lionel Messi and his Barcelona cohorts are trading as the odds-on favourites to get the outright victory here against the high-flying German side. As it currently stands, punters will find FC Barcelona available at a 3/4 price tag with the line unlikely to move too much prior to the match itself. 

The German side are available at a full 4/1 listing to get the outright victory in Catalonia and the really interesting thing about that is that the odds are likely so stacked thanks to Bayern’s relatively poor first-leg performance against FC Porto when they found themselves staring down the wrong side of a 3-1 result. 

Fast forward a couple of days to their match-up in Munich and we saw them turn around one of the most emphatic reversals in recent European football - completely destroying the Portuguese side in the first half. 

The draw sits at a 14/5 price tag and you reckon that Bayern would be okay with the draw provided they were able to notch an away goal or two. 

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