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Football Betting Glossary

15 Minutes Betting:A mini-game where you bet 1X2 on the opening 15 minutes of the match. If your team scores in the 10th minute and the other team doesn’t score in 15, then you’re getting paid out. There is also 30, 60 and 75 minute betting markets that work identically.

90 Minutes:A wager on the outright result of the match, also referred to as 1X2 betting.

Anytime Goalscorer:A bet on a specific player to score at any time during the match. Usually a highly-rated striker will be odds-on to score at any point in the match.

Anytime Wincast:The same bet as a wincast except you just need the player to score anytime as opposed to scoring first, in addition to predicting the result.

Come From Behind and Win:The opposite to Lead at Half Time and Not Win. Here, you’re betting on a side to be losing (not drawing) at half-time and then come back to win in the second half. You can also bet on to Come From Behind and Draw, but that pays out much less.

Corners Handicap:An interesting wager if you think there will a lopsided amount of attacking. The bookmaker will apply a handicap (-5.0) and if your side still has more corners after you subtract the handicap at the end of the match, then you are the winner.

Correct Score:Predict the exact final score-line of the match.

Draw No Bet: Similar to the 90 minutes market, but if the match ends in a draw you will get your stake back. The odds are sharply reduced as a result.

First Goalscorer:One of the most popular markets, wagering on which player will notch the first goal for either side. The slimmest odds are on strikers and the biggest odds are on defenders.

First Half Betting:A wager on the outright result of the first 45 minutes plus stoppage time.

Half-time/full-time:Predict the result from the first 45 minutes and the final 45 minutes. You must get both correct in order to ensure a payout. You can select the draw, which means that there are nine plausible outcomes. The best odds are found on the favoured team to be winning at the half and then the underdog team to win.

Handicap:A popular wager if there is a distinct favourite. If you back a team on a (-1.0) handicap you are saying that they will win the match even if you deduct a full point from their score. If you have a side backed (-1.0) and the scoreline is 3-1 in their favour then you will be paid out, while a 2-1 victory on a (-1.0) is not a winning bet.

Last Goalscorer:The exact same bet (and usually the exact same odds) as a first goalscorer wager except you’re betting on players to score last. Last goalscorer is a solid bet if you fancy a high-scoring affair.

Lead at Half Time and Not Win:Your team needs to lead at the 45 minute whistle, but finish the match with a loss.

Penalty Awarded:A bet on whether you’ll see a penalty at any point in the match.

Scorecast:A double selection predicting the first goalscorer and the correct score of the match. Both selections must be correct to be paid out. The higher the correct score and the more unlikely the first goalscorer, the higher your odds will be.

To Keep a Clean Sheet:In this market you wager on which team will allow 0 goals. Your team can win the match or draw the match, as long as you don’t concede at any point.

To Score in Both Halves:Your side must score a goal in the 1st half and the 2nd half to win.  a great bet on teams that are expected to dominate a match.

To Win To Nil:Similar to keeping a clean sheet, except that your side must also win the match while keeping their opponents from scoring. You will always get better odds on this than the To Keep a Clean Sheet market.

Total Goals Over/Under:Given a total amount of goals for the match, you wager on whether the actual result will be more or less. The most popular over/under is 2.5 and a fixture with two teams who get lots of goals will have a lower price on the over.

Total Match Corners: Abet on the total amount of corners that will be awarded during the match. A match where there will be lots of attacking generally means that you’ll see a few corners. Most bookmakers provide you with options such as under 10 corners, 10-12 corners or over 12 corners. You can also wager on even/odd total match corners.

Wincast:Predicting the first goalscorer and who will win the match. It is considered to be much easier to get paid out on a wincast than a scorecast, but the payout is usually much less.

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