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How to bet on Darts

Betting is a big part of the modern darts culture, and with big fixtures happening on a more regular basis these days it’s not surprising at all that major bookmakers have seriously revamped their darts offerings.

With the growth of live betting, and the bookies creating more darts betting markets, darts betting has seen a massive amount of progression and change over the last few years.

One of the reasons for dart’s popularity among punters comes from it being much more straightforward than a number of other betting sports. If you understand the ins and outs of darts (and there aren’t many), you can start betting right away.

How to Bet

It’s tempting to say that betting on darts can be a total toss-up, but it’s really not all that difficult, especially if you know a thing or two about the game.

Live betting is an integral part of darts wagering these days with are a number of markets unavailable pre-match.

Pre-match bets on darts are generally oriented around match-betting and correct score betting. It can be similar to tennis in that it’s difficult to get decent odds on popular players, but you simply have to get a bit creative. Highest checkout or most 180s are great ways to extract a little bit of extra value from a big odds-on favourite.

What to Look For

Obviously if you’re betting on Phil Taylor you’re going to be looking at some fairly slim odds. Once you get past the top five players in the world you get into some fairly even matches where pretty much anything can happen.

Look at your player’s recent form and examine his past history in this type of tournament. Has he faced off against this opponent before? If so, how did things pan out and why?

Do your homework. Only once you understand the details of the players and the match can you begin to focus on the types of bets available.

Type of Bets

Match Winner:Betting on the outright winner of the match.

Correct Score:In this market you are wagering on the exact score of the match.

Next Leg:This is a popular in-play wager on who will win the next leg.

Highest Checkout:A highest checkout bet is a wager on the highest three-dart total in which a player will win a leg.

Most 180s:This is a straightforward bet on which player will card the most 180s.

Over/under 180s:In this market you’ll be wagering on the total number of 180s in the match and opting whether it goes over or under the bookmakers original estimate.

If you’re looking for the latest news, odds, matches and darts results, head to our darts betting page.

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