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Darren Prasad

Darren Prasad

I have spent my entire life following the National Hockey League, the National Football League, and other top tier UK and North American Sports. As a Broadcast Journalism graduate with a passion for sports, I eat, live, and breathe everything there is to know about the sports I love.

Growing up, watching hockey is what Canadians did, and still do for that matter. It was like that for me also. I remember just sitting at home on Saturday nights as a kid, waiting for Hockey Night in Canada to come on. Or counting down kickoff to my favorite teams (Leeds Utd. for some reason) Premiership matchup. I also can't leave out the long Sundays spent watching American Football from morning until dawn.

If I had to say I am a fan of a few teams, it would be my hometown Vancouver Canucks, Italian Serie A team Juventus, and the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.

Favorite Sporting Moments:

  • Pavel Bure scores the OT winner for the Vancouver Canucks in 1994 in Calgary
  • Drew Brees lifts his son in the air to celebrate the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl Championship amidst Chaos at the Superdome
  • Trevor Linden's Game 6 against the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup Final
  • Ronaldinho's Free Kick Goal Over David Seaman's Head in the World Cup Finals

Favorite Sporting Athletes:

  • Joe Sakic
  • Steve Yzerman
  • Desean Jackson
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic

The National Hockey League and the NFL are my two front running sports and dominate the most of my coverage and my passion for sports. But don't be surprised to see my chime in on some other areas I follow closely.

Random Facts
  • Eats Sashimi Like There's No Tomorrow
  • Owns About 15 Sports Jerseys
  • Seriously Dislikes the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers
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