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Dorian Netolicky

Dorian Netolicky

It was a Sunday in April 2007 when golf became more than just a game for those in their later years.  Tiger Woods won the Masters and I was hooked.  I left my house following his record breaking victory to figure out this game that since has provided me with a lifelong challenge.  Not only did I become a golfer (at least in name), I became an unrelenting fan of all things golf.

To this day, I’ve followed the world’s tours week in and week out.  With new tournaments each week, golf gives players and fans a fresh start every Monday.  There are no win-loss records, no relegation, every player has the opportunity to hold the trophy on Sunday.  None more apparent in 2010 than the unknown Frenchman, Gregory Havret, coming within a shot of a US Open Title.

Golf is true human theatre and it gives you a new script every week where the final act is rarely the same.  That’s why I love it and it’s my hope I can bring this excitement to you on a weekly basis at BettingChoice. 

Random Facts
  • Lowest Golf Score Shot: 79
  • Favourite Player: Tiger Woods
  • If I was a professional golfer, I would be: Bubba Watson
  • Favourite City To Visit: New York
  • Favourite Sports Event Attended: 2010 Olympic Winter Games
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