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US Open 2010: Nedal vs Djokovic Championship Match Preview

The build up to the 2010 US Open men’s singles final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic could not be more dramatic than had organizers scripted it themselves.

Not that this billing needed any more hype and buzz than it already had. The back-story was compelling as it was: it was to be either Nadal’s Ascension amongst the greats in the game or Djokovic’s Triumph on Sunday.

Well, the elements decided they wouldn’t be left out, putting their watermark on this championship affair raining down on New York as they did.

Almost 24 hours later, we are still without a champion at the US Open, and the suspense is palpable. Markets are simply hopping with action as latecomers, along with the long arrivati, join in on the action.

If you are wondering whether the added time has had an effect on the market, then the answer is yes. Only marginally so however to be an almost non-issue. The casting is still the same: Nadal is the strong favourite and Djokovic the mere puppy.

Admittedly, the delay favours Djokovic because he’d completed his upset win over Roger Federer late Saturday and had he played on Sunday as planned he would have been at the disadvantage both physically and mentally. The gruelling five set win and the emotional high of upsetting Federer taking their toll on him.

This does not mean however that the delay is a disadvantage to Nadal as a result. On the contrary, the Spaniard is a consummate professional and he’s proven repeatedly, no matter the conditions, he’s a tough player to beat.

In fact, he booked gruelling five-setter against Verdasco at the 2009 Australian Open, only to comeback almost 24 hours later to beat Federer in another five-set marathon in the final. Pundits at the time had all but written him off, citing the fact that Federer having had more rest time and being the fresher player of the two a serious disadvantage to Nadal.

At the 2008 Wimbledon Championships Nadal beat Roger Federer in an epic five-set marathon marked by numerous rain delays and interruptions.

If any dimension to this clash was changed, it’s that Djokovic has had some adequate time to recover and that the playing field has been levelled. There can be no doubt therefore that whichever player wins he’ll have been the better player on this day. To say the match is more compelling for this delay would be a slight to both players. It was always going to be a compelling clash because they are two of the best entities in the game.

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