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2015 Cricket World Cup Latest Betting Tips PT 1

The 2015 Cricket World Cup has produced some epic fixtures and we’ve seen plenty of action and excitement so far. There is no reason to think that the great match-ups won’t keep coming as we head into the clutch period for most sides right now. The action has come thick and fast over the past several weeks with a few of the smaller teams putting in some great performances. 


Many will long remember the tension in the Australia vs New Zealand fixture from a few days ago as both teams put together great initial performances only to collapse spectacularly with New Zealand just holding on with one of the riskiest sixes we have seen in cricket. 

England are in a real spot of bother and have not been putting together good performances so far. Stewart Broad has rejected the accusation that England are playing out of fear at the moment but the simple fact is that Eoin Morgan’s side have not been getting it done with both bat and ball. 

While the English side may have a solid match-up with either one of those, they haven’t seen a fixture where both attack and defence put in quality performances and when you are playing at this level you simply have to pull that off unless you want to sink into obscurity. 

The associate nations have been acquitting themselves reasonably and several of the matches that are played between two associates have been good but for the bulk of the matches, any time one of them tends to play one of the more established teams they have found themselves on the wrong side of a proper lashing with both the bat and the ball. 

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