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Bangladesh vs England World Cup Cricket Tips PT 1

England face a crunch clash with Bangladesh in their match-up at the 2015 Cricket World Cup today and they will need a big win against their opposition if they are to right the ship that has gone off-course on several occasions during the big fixtures they’ve had on this tournament. 


Luckily enough, the bookmakers seem to be particularly confident in England’s ability to get the better of their Bangladeshi opposition. There is far too much chance that England might just eek out a victory here and fail to inspire themselves going forward at all. 

A quick look at the odds pre-match indicate that England are considered to be the solid 2/7 favourites here with little value on their outright result - it’s much better to simply wait until the toss has been conducted in order to ensure a bit of extra value if the English find themselves outside of their comfort zones early on. 

The real crucial missing piece for England has been decisiveness from their attack with the batsmen putting up a few good totals much England’s poor bowling wound up costing them in the end with a few sides able to chase down totals around 300 with relative ease - only dropping a wicket here or there. 

There will be a fairly large group of punters who think that Bangladesh could wind up doing something similar here - and you have to wonder how the last couple of days where England’s main players have found themselves under increasing amounts of public pressure - so you wouldn’t fault many neutral individuals from lumping down a bit of money on Bangladesh to pull off the win. 

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