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Rooney to Switch Focus

Rooney celebrates after the 2008 win

Wayne Rooney has a big role to play in the champions League quarter final clash against Chelsea.

Rooney will be high on confidence after a hat-trick against West Ham United in the Premier League. He has been widely criticised for his celebrations in the day since but the point is that Rooney will be full of confidence and determined to prove his quality against one of the best sides in Europe and England.

Rooney will have to be disciplined for this game which us something he and United have been working on ever since he joined the club. Rooney has to carry the United attack because most of the time, in the first leg of this contest, United will be chasing the ball with Chelsea controlling the tempo.

Rooney has to be clinical and decisive in this game because United may not get as many chances as they did in the league match at Stamford Bridge last month. European ties often cause the away side to be a lot more defensive and cautious which means Rooney has to latch onto even the smallest chance if it comes his way.

The striker also has to be at his absolute best in dead ball situations. Rooney is one of the best free kick and penalty takers in the United squad. One of his goals against West Ham last weekend was a sublimely struck free kick that left the goalkeeper with no chance of making a save.

The other main reason Rooney is the perfect player to lead United’s attack is because he can drop into the midfield to create a six man barrier if Chelsea are pressing hard. He can play in the central areas and be influential in counter attacks but he can also play wider in the side to offer the wingers and full backs extra help.

Determination is a big part of Rooney’s game and Sir Alex Ferguson will be telling him to go out and set the example for the rest to follow. Rooney doesn’t go into tackles and challenges lightly which means he could receive some similar treatment, winning free kicks in key areas of the pitch.

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