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Scholes to Tackle Blackpool

Scholes can be influential against Blackpool

Paul Scholes will be one of the many players that Blackpool have to worry about on the final day of the Premier League season.

Scholes has not had his best season in a United shirt but many still accept that he is one of the very best in his position. With Ryan Giggs likely to be on the bench, there is no one better to come into the side and carry on the role of controlling the United midfield.

Scholes is effective in a number of different ways. The most under rated part of his game is his passing. He never gives the ball away and has as much range as most of the players in the Barcelona team. This means he can pick out a pass and set up a chance in a split second.

His shooting is something he has become famous around the world domestically and through the Champions League. There are few players who can pick the ball up and get an effective shot away when they are under such severe pressure from opposition players. The number of goals Scholes has scored when players  are throwing themselves in his way is still very high.

Scholes brings aggression and grit into the United midfield. He cannot tackle which has been proven time and time again but he can put himself about which stops the opposition mentally. If he needs to kick an effective football player to let them know that he’s around then he will do so.

Scholes also hovers in the pockets of space which are left around the penalty area during and after set pieces. When United win corners and free kicks, he will deliberately stand just outside the penalty area. The reason for doing this is that he wants to get onto the end of the first knock down from a defender. The goalkeeper will still be visually impaired and he can get a shot away.

There are few better replacements that United can bring into their midfield. Some have insisted that this will be Scholes’ last season in the Premier League but he is bound to put in a good performance which will convince the powers that be he has a few years left yet.

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