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2016/17 NFL Betting Tips PT 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers put in a good shift in their last contest and that has seen them trimmed down considerably by virtually all major bookmakers with a listing of about 8/1 across the board with a couple going as high as a 9/1 margin. One of last year's Super Bowl Finalists – the Carolina Panthers led by hotshot QB Cam Newton, they are available as high as an 11/1 margin right now to get revenge and pull off a massive Super Bowl victory.


The Arizona Cardinals have begun to look like a team tha has a real shot of putting together a good play off run this time around and you'll find a lot of that has to do with Larry Fitzgerald being moved into a more mobile slotback position along with some reinforcements in crucial positions. Look for Arizona Cardinals around a price of 12/1 to pull off a dramatic Super Bowl victory, which would be a big moment for that franchise.

The Denver Broncos have been contenders for the last few years mostly because of Peyton Manning but the stellar supporting cast he had with him for much of it – including superstar linebacker Von Miller – played a significant role and they are all still there. The team looked decent in their match-up against the Panthers last time out but they know that there is still plenty for them still to build on in the coming weeks.

Look for Denver trading around a 16/1 margin to reign as Super Bowl Champions once again in back-to-back fashion.

You'll also find the Kansas City Chiefs trading at around a 16/1 margin while the New York Giants were able to pull off a big victory for their brand new coach in the season opener – many observers did not expect them to pull off the victory in their season opener and it will be interesting to see how it all unfolds going forward.

The longest shots on the board for the 2017 Super Bowl include the Cleveland Browns who trade at a 300/1 margin for the trophy and the Los Angeles Rams who played the Monday night fixture against San Francisco and put together one of the most ineffective NFL performances in recent memory – it looks to be a long year in Los Angeles.  

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