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Russia Listed As Olympic Ice Hockey Favourite Pt 1

With the 2014 Winter Olympics nearly upon us and plenty of “interesting” feedback from the foreign journalists stationed in Sochi, it’s obvious that we’re going to have a fascinating few weeks of Olympic action. There is a lot to like about some of the big contests like the Olympic Hockey tournament and we’re going to be taking a look at who is favoured to win the competition. 


In Men’s Ice Hockey, it’s clear that the bookmakers are favouring a home victory here, but the prices indicate that they aren’t adamant about Russia’ ability to get the job done. Punters will find the Russian side trading at a competitive 2.75 for the outright gold medal victory in the competition. 

The Russian side didn’t even make the final of the last Olympics, where we saw the thrilling overtime goal from Sidney Crosby seal it for Canada and send the streets of Vancouver into a tizzy. 

The Canadians have a 3.25 price to win this and you reckon they are going to take a lot of money on that from an unbiased betting public. It’s going to be interesting to see how injuries will affect the Canucks chances of actually pulling off an Olympic double - especially now that it looks like Steve Stamkos won’t be on the plane to Sochi after news hit the sportswires that he was still injured and would be unavailable for this massive contest. 

Sweden are trading as the third favourite just behind Canada and they are trading at a 4.33 price tag to win the men’s Ice Hockey. They have some solid players but many of them aren’t exactly having their best seasons right now. It may make sense to wait for the first fixture to kick off so you can take a look at how Sweden will gel in the early stage of the tournament. 

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