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2017 Christmas Number One Single Betting

One of the most interesting betting opportunities around the Christmas season is always the Christmas Number One Single wagering. This year it really looks like we have a pretty discernable favourite set to dominate a lot of the betting but it looks like there are still some good opportunities for punters to get down on the favourite since the bookmakers seem to be struggling to price this year’s version of the Christmas Number One Single.

Right now, it appears as though Ed Sheeran featuring Beyonce is your serious betting favourite with a price as low as an ultra slim 1/10 being floated right now by a few outfits.

However, it’s worth noting that there is a price of about ⅓ being made available on this exact same selection right now with a few other bookmakers going to ¼ or even ⅕. That’s a notable occurrence since a big name star like this (combined with another big name star) is probably going to carry this one on the day.

Many punters will remember the Rage Against The Machine fiasco from a few years ago when punters successfully hijacked the betting on the Christmas Number One Single and made it Killing In The Name Of instead of an X-Factor song. The Rage Against The Machine track was listed as high as 10/1 in many betting markets prior to the iTunes run pushing it over the line.

This time around the big competition may be coming from Wham/George Michael, whom the bookmakers are floating at around a 4/1 or 5/1 margin at the time of this writing.

Mariah Carey has more than a few Christmas anthems out there and she’s in the mix at a 14/1 margin while this year’s X-Factor winner can be backed at a price of around 18/1 with a few top bookmakers. Adele floats anywhere between a 5/1 margin all the way up to 18/1.


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