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BettingChoice offers up wagering previews and advice on a number of popular betting markets. While events like horse racing and football draw the bulk of international betting volumes, there are a number of sports that enjoy the passionate support of punters from every corner of the globe.

Betting on lower-profile sports can be a very profitable endeavor for those who know the niche areas of their sports very well but they can sometimes be offset by lower betting demand or volume.

These days it doesn’t really matter what type of sports you’re interested in, you can be confident there’s a bookie offering up odds somewhere. If you’d like to see betting tips and previews on sports that you enjoy following, but that we don’t cover be sure to send us an e-mail and let us know.

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Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Betting Odds PT 2
It could also rapidly turn into a situation where McGregor's defense simply isn't enough to get things moving properly and Mayweather is able to pick away at him and keep it so that he's... Read More
Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Betting Odds PT 1
It appears as though one of the most widely-anticipated fights since, well, Floyd Mayweather's last big Las Vegas bout is finally upon us with the world on the street being that UFC superstar... Read More
2017 Super Bowl Betting Tips PT 2
The points total market is set at about 58.5 so they clearly expect this one to be a bit of a barn-burner. I think with this one it's definitely worth favouring the under since Super Bowl's... Read More
2017 Super Bowl Betting Tips PT 1
The big match-up is finally upon us and we've got the pinnacle of American Football set to unfold in one of the most widely-televised sporting events in the entire world. The New England Patriots... Read More
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