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Cricket Betting

The world of cricket is rapidly in flux with the test calendar growing more congested every year and the addition of high-profile twenty20 tournaments creating a new, and extremely passionate, generation of cricket fans.

Cricket betting is obviously a vastly different experience depending on the format of the game you’re watching. Twenty20 cricket is a fantastic live betting opportunity and those matches have very little margin for error and move quite quickly so it’s going to be worth your time to save the bulk of your cash for in-running bets on twenty20 cricket.

One Day cricket betting is probably the most difficult type of cricket to turn a profit on, but the payouts can be very impressive if you get it right. In ODI cricket betting, more options become available due to the length of the match. With some bookmakers, you can wager ball-by-ball or over-by-over on ODI cricket and that’s a wild and woolly experience that can be tremendously profitable, but also very difficult.

Test cricket betting is for the purists and the best options in the longest format of the game are to wager on partnerships or next method of dismissal. Partnership betting on cricket can be easy to get pay-outs on although you won’t usually get great odds on them. For more tips on cricket betting, head to our betting guide article: How to Bet on Cricket.

Cricket Betting News

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