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2018/19 English Premier League Betting Odds PT 2

One of the other big surprises is the fact that Manchester United are not considered to be the second favorite heading into the upcoming English Premier League season - and instead you'll find the lights of Liverpool ranking as the second wedding choice to win league title.

It truly appears to be their year according to the bookmakers.

It's interesting that they appear to be right in between where Manchester City and Manchester United are both being floated by the bookmakers - and it may make sense to keep your eyes peeled on the exchanges as well since you’re going to get plenty of insight as to how the wagers could actually shape up once we get closer to kick-off.

Jose Mourinho of Manchester United definitely has a lot of work to do over the summer and appears to be aiming to sign a few more key players at key positions. It will also be very interesting to see which version of Paul Pogba reports for training at Old Trafford.

Another fascinating fact is Chelsea trading at a double-digit price to win the English Premier League this time around and then facing some stiff competition from the likes of Tottenham Hotspur to round out the Champions League positions this early prior to the season starting.

Following that, you'll find Arsenal training at a much longer price and it's going to be very interesting to see how they are able to cope this year with some great players on the side and a new manager at the helm.


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