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2020 US Election Betting Odds PT 2

Mike Pence, in a move that would be odd and require Trump to either be impeached, resign or removed from office somehow, is the second choice with a price anywhere between 7/1 and 9/1 right now with most major bookmakers. Mike Pence is actually a bit younger than he looks and you have to reckon that he will have his eye on the Presidency but if Trump is doing well going into 2020 then it looks like Pence will have to wait until 2024.


Then we start to get into the odds on the Democratic challengers and it appears to be completely up in the air right now. Even in terms of just getting the Democratic nomination it looks like a pretty close fight between a few interesting contenders with Elizabeth Warren likely the betting favourite to become the Democratic nominee. The far-left firebrand (who happens to live in a multi-million dollar house and held shares in companies that profited off people who lost all their money in the housing bubble) was one of Donald Trump's fiercest attackers throughout the primary and the election so many look to her automatically for some type of help or leadership here.

Warren faces a real problem with the fact that she appears to have built her entire career on a lie that she is a status Native American despite not actually showing any real proof for it other than her “high cheekbones”. She was given preferential treatment in admission to university and on the tenure track as a professor once she got there due to her fib about her lineage. This has led to many referring to her as Fauxcahontas and that could be a real thorn in her side once the spotlight gets shown on her during the primary process.

Punters will find Elizabeth Warren priced anywhere from 13/2 to 15/2 for the Democratic nomination.

Cory Booker is the second favourite to secure the nod for the Democrats and he can be backed at a price of about 8/1. He is young and a relatively dynamic leader but has worked closely with a lot of Republicans in the past so that hurts his attempts to shift towards the far left that Democrats seem convinced will bare fruit in the next election cycle.


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