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2020 US Election Betting Odds PT 3

The truth is that Corey Booker doesn't really stand for very much and has shown his true colours as political opportunist. He made an extremely rare and unprecedented move by testifying against Jeff Sessions for Attorney General and effectively trying to brand him as a deplorable racist – seemingly forgetting that the pair co-sponsored a bill together last year.


The real wildcard in the opening pack is Michelle Obama who some bookmakers actually have priced as the betting favourite to secure the Democratic nod. She can be backed as low as 5/1 but trades around 9/1 with most other bookmakers. She certainly has the popularity and the name recognition but the simple fact remains that Michelle Obama does not appear to be particularly enthusiastic about politics and probably doesn't want to go through the spotlight again.

She will stay on the sidelines and become a prominent social figure to rally for Democratic causes but four years in the White House probably isn't exactly what she wants right now – plus the money will likely be better on the outside.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is the next best shot at securing the nomination for the presidency and he can be backed at around a 10/1 price at the time of this writing. While he has name recognition and appears to know what he is doing, the simple fact is that he is not all that popular and doesn't bring any new states into the mix.

It's also worth remembering that Andrew Cuomo is probably not the type of candidate from a physical perspective that the Democrats will be looking to throw their weight behind next year as they are likely to double down on a ticket appealling heavily to females and minority voters.

Tim Kaine remains in consideration for the Democratic nomination but he did such a poor job in the election last year – turning in an embarrassing stint in the debate against Mike Pence – that he is a virtual certainty to be ignored in 2020.

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