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2020 US Election Betting Update PT 1

Since Donald Trump has returned from his trip to Helsinki to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the media has been an absolute uproar declaring Trump’s statements and the fact that the meeting itself was held in the first place, to be worthy of impeachment and a downright crime against the American people.

Obviously that's a lot of overkill and there is a huge amount to talk about this summer in terms of news besides from Trump himself,  the betting markets are starting to heat up as people are wondering what the next stages of this unfolding news crisis will be.

Looking ahead to the midterm elections it still appears to be up in the air for the bookmakers where's none of them listing any odds just yet but you can expect those to appear as we get closer and closer to the fall period a Full Slate of 2018 midterm Wagers should be available sometime around Labor Day.

Despite everything that everybody is saying and the fact that the bookmakers actually have the Democrats listed as a slim favorite to win the 2020 election with any candidate, Donald Trump remains the outright favorite to win the presidency once again secure in himself eight straight years in office.

While he is trading at more than even money it is still a very short price amongst the number of top European bookmakers and though the odds may look longer for him and his party to win next time up, the fact remains that the Democrats looked to be slightly disorganized in terms of who they're going to nominate and what their final messaging is going to be.


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