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2020 US Election Betting Update PT 2

There seems to be a genuine disconnect between the old school establishment Democrats which is Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein while a new generation of heavily left-leaning Democratic socialists are inspired by the run of Bernie Sanders and looking to move the Democratic party far to the left.

The happy medium for the Democrats may be a popular option of Kamala Harris who is now listed by the bookmakers as the second outright favorite for the presidency after the 2020 election.

It's probably also telling that Bernie Sanders popularity has failed to abate since he acquiesced the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton and subsequently doomed his party to a loss against Donald Trump, however unlikely.  Sanders is listed as the third favorite to win the presidency in 2020 - and this would make him the oldest sitting president in American history.

One of the main contenders for the Democratic nomination over the past while is Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren who has been a frequent critic of President Trump and he has never failed to come back at her and point the finger at her use of Native American Heritage to secure a teaching roll earlier in her career, something that has remained unproven since then and has forever been a thorn in her side in terms of her critics.

Warren is listed as the fourth favorite to win the presidency just a step ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden - who has been reportedly contemplating a 2020 election bid in an attempt to win the White House back from his arch-rival Donald Trump.

The lowest priced Republican to win the 2020 election aside from Donald Trump is current vice president Mike Pence and he is trading at an identical price to the app for mentioned Joe Biden.


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