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Bet365's Auto Cash Out Feature Just In Time For The Big Events

We all know that the Cash Out Feature – something that punters will find more often with our good friends at Bet365 than so many other bookmakers – has thoroughly changed how live punting is conducted. But Britain's biggest bookmaker has unveiled a brand new innovation that is set to add even more excitement to your wagers as they launch their auto cash out feature.


This is going to be music to the ears to those of us who enjoy punting on a variety of live events all at the same time. The whole key to utilizing the cash out function properly is figuring out the rhythm of the game and knowing just the right moment to take your money and run.

By utilizing the auto cash out feature, you're going to be able to set specific thresholds for cashing out. For instance if you back Manchester United to win 2-0 against West Brom at 8/1 and they suddenly go up 1-0 – you're really close to cashing your bet but you still need another goal. Naturally, they will be offering you a decent amount to cash your wager out if there is still plenty of time on the clock.

Up until now, you would have had to stay glued to the screen and have your finger on the button ready to pouce at a crucial moment. Now, thanks to auto cash out, you can simply create a cash out rule for your wager. For instance, if it's still 1-0 and there's only about 20 minutes left and I'm getting the feeling that United won't find that extra to take it to 2-0 and make it a winning wager, I can set a specific price where if it falls to that level I will automatically cash out my wager.

This way, I can simply set my parameters quickly and then move onto other things. One of the best parts about this auto cash out feature is that it will applly even if I'm logged out of the account. You can literally just set it and forget it.

With so many big Champions League, FA Cup and English Premier League matches coming up – this could be a very useful addition to your wagering dollar.  

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