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England vs Tunisia World Cup Betting PT 2

The draw is listed at a fairly reasonable price and you have to reckon that Tunisia would certainly take the draw if you were to offer than that before the game actually kicked off.  England have shown the ability to take care of virtually anything that's been thrown out them so far and they have beaten some good sides during their qualifying campaign and the friendly matches that they have played against over the last year.

It also appears as though the bookmakers have left a few clues about how they can expect this contest to play out because you'll notice that they don't expect those sides to score so you're looking at an estimation of probably a1-0 or a 2-0 victory for England if you're looking to keep your wages reasonable and assume that's going to happen.

By taking a look at this contest you get the feeling that it's really probably going to be about who gets the first goal and there are number of English players who are trading at very reasonable prices to get the first goal and kick this thing off. One of the more interesting parts of a wagering on International tournaments like this is that a good amount of the girls tend to come from set-pieces in dead-ball situation because there is less open Play then at the club level.

This brings in players like Defenders and other players who don't normally score too often to wind up opening the scoring or scoring the only goal in the match.

Right now it appears as though the bookmakers are deadlocked between Harry Kane and Jamie vardy to grab the opening goal of this contest but you also note that they think Marcus Rashford has a chance as well.


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