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English Premier League 2019 Outrights PT 4

As it currently stands, you’ll find that Manchester City are trading at the shortest price and the next closest challenger appears to be the likes of Liverpool - and that’s really a telling statistic.

There have not been many seasons in the English Premier League where Liverpool were considered to be the second favourites for the title - literally that close to it being “their year”.

Manchester United are trading as the third favourites and that might wind up looking like a really solid bet if they are able to start the season well and compete at the top with City and really avoiding dropping those unnecessary points to sides like Bournemouth and Swansea.

Following that, you’ll find both Chelsea and Spurs available at the exact same price and they are both into the double digits. Arsenal remain double that price and look to still have a lot of work to do if they are going to pick it up and push on next year - but it remains that they and Liverpool look like the serious wild cards in the English Premier League betting markets.

There also remains the idea that we might see another side pull off a Leicester City and really make a push into the new year. Whether that comes from a variety of really good signings or just a combination of team spirit, grit and a whole lot of luck (and usually a 30 goal striker) or it comes from a bunch of money being thrown around in the transfer market, it always remains an outside possibility that should be on your mind at the start of a season.


We’re not sure whether any of the remaining teams really have what it takes and you may even be crazy enough to start considering whether some of the newly promoted sides might be worth a wager to really overperform and move themselves into contention for a European spot after splashing a lot of money. If it’s going to be anyone it will be Wolves.



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