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English Premier League Top Goal Scorer Betting Tips PT 1

One of the most interesting season long bets that you can make every year in the English Premier League is the Golden Boot award which goes to the player who has scored more goals than anybody else - it's really that simple. It can be really interesting because, oftentimes, the award winds up not going to the best out and out goalscorer in the English Premier League, but it goes to a player that's simply winds up being the conduit for the vast majority of his team's chances on goal.


The case in point for this is Harry Kane who plays for Tottenham and has rapidly emerged as the top goal scorer both for club and Country in England. He is had a big role in Taunton and Hotspurs resurgence over the past couple of years in the fact that they have finished second for two seasons on the balance.

There's a lot to like about Harry Kane style of play and it's one of the reasons why you'll find him trading as the outright favorite to be named as the top goal scorer in the English Premier League after the 2017-18 season.  

Needless to say the English player has been linked with several top clubs - not the least of which has been Manchester United but the fact remains that United have always struggled to do business with sores and it would take a talismanic amount of money to pry Harry Kane away from his plum position at White Hart Lane in London.

As it currently stands, you'll find that Harry Kane is available to best price over on 3/1 to be named as the top goal scorer in English Premier League next season. You will also find the vast majority of bookmakers pricing him along closer to an 11 - 4 margin - end it's going to be interesting to see whether he is able to sustain these expectations once the season begins again and grab a couple goals early on in the season and reward those who had faith in him this early.


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