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English Premier League Top Goal Scorer Betting Tips PT 2

One of the biggest factors to Landing a wager like this - particularly when you're betting on the right favorite to wind up coming through and grabbing all those goals that everyone expects them to get, they have to remain injury-free for the vast majority of the season. This is absolutely crucial.


For instance, you would have been forgiven to think that there would be a very good possibility that is Latin Ibrahimovic would have wound up securing the Golden Boot in the English Premier League last season however he was undone by going off the boil a bit later in the season but mostly because he failed to play the last several months of the campaign and his now actually left the club since he won't be back until next year.

Speaking of Manchester United, you'll note that one of their primary targets for summer transfer is being considered the second favorite to wind up being named the English Premier League's Golden Boot winner for next year. Alvaro Morata is priced right now around an 11/2 margin with a couple of bookmakers who are willing to take a risk and list him as a possibility here.


The usual suspects that Sergio Aguero remain in the mix for the Golden Boot winner next year and you'll find the Argentine player trading add a 6/1 margin.You'll find that romelu Lukaku also trades at a price of around 6/1 and he's expected to make a move this summer away from Everton. Obviously, it's worth waiting to see where he wants up and whether he'll be starting at the top of the pecking order.

You'll also find the likes of Gabrielle Jesus and Diego Costa rounding out the major contenders here with both of them trading around a 9/1 margin to be named as the Golden Boot winner next year.


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