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English Premier League Top Goalscorer Wagering PT 2

One of the really interesting shouts for next year is probably going to be Manchester United's key player romelu Lukaku who had an excellent World Cup season and Belgium push themselves very far into the tournament and he was in the goals for some crucial periods for his side.

Look for him to push on and do a little bit better this season as several top players have been added to the team and look likely to join so he will have been even more enticing roster of teammates able to pass him the ball.

You also find the likes of Manchester City's Sergio Aguero as the only other player who is trading at a single-digit price to score more goals than anybody else in the English Premier League.

Sometimes it is worth keeping your eye on the longer Rod selections here as some of them can emerge from some lower-ranked clubs who wind up going forward and outperforming expectations. Oftentimes, you'll find that the majority of the goals for teams like this tend to come from one direction - for instance Jamie Vardy did something very similar a couple of years ago prior to their massive breakout English Premier League winning season.

You'll find some interesting outside contenders such as Alvaro Morata looking like a very interesting selection while a few other interesting contenders continue to emerge in preseason play.

Some interesting Outsiders such as Eden Hazard and Alexis Sanchez are also worth looking at and trade it very plausible prices.


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