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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Betting Preview PT 3

One thing that is definitely for certain is that the bookmakers seem to have difficulty pricing the method of Victory wagering for this fight. In one of the first instances in his entire career - Floyd Mayweather is actually favored to win the fight via KO, a TKO or a disqualification.  throughout the entirety of career he is made most of his money by simply counter-punching and winning more rounds then his opponent have been able to muster up.


By making himself very hard to fight against, as opposed to being an outright slugger and knock out fighter, you will find that Mayweather typically trades at a very short price of around 1/3 or 1/5 to get the victory via a decision.

This time around you'll find the American fighter trading at a price of round 5/6 with the majority of major bookmakers to pull off of victory before the end of the fight. Truth be told, it takes a lot to knock out Conor McGregor - a fighter who has been knocked out in the Octagon before - but that was with nearly bare knuckles and UFC gloves as opposed to 12 ounce boxing gloves.

A few bookmakers still continued to price Mayweather to win on points as the favorite option and those who do tend to float around the 5/6 margin. The vast majority of them however price it quite a bit higher with the price around 13/10 at the time of this writing.

For those who believe that Conor McGregor has what it takes to actually get the victory here you're looking at some very rewarding odds if you can nail down the specific method of victory in this massive contest. The fact remains however, that if Conor McGregor is going to be able to actually pull this one off then the bookmakers appear to be virtually certain that he's going to get the victory by scoring a flash knockout or potentially even a TKO against Floyd Mayweather.

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