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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor Betting Update

Now that the biggest fight of the year – and quite possibly the strangest boxing match in quite some time – was officialized this week, it is now full speed ahead to August 26th when Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor face off at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The media rush from the fight actually getting confirmed also prompted a rush to the betting odds as punters from all over the world started getting in on the action.


Taking a look at the wagering markets right now, it's pretty clear that McGregor is taking the vast majority of the action as we get closer to the fight. He certainly comes in as the underdog but the parameters of this fight – and the circumstances surrounding it – certainly seem to make this one a real wildcard.

Right now, you can get Floyd Mayweather as a best price of about a 1/6 price tag while Conor McGregor is available in the neighbourhood of about 9/2 with a few bookmakers going as high as a 5/1 price. This is in stark contrast to just a few weeks before the fight was actually announced and he traded as high as 9/1.

The draw, which isn't entirely out of the question, trades as high as a 66/1 price. But it's also worth noting that it's at 188/1 on the exchanges.

The method of victory betting seems heavily favoured towards a Mayweather victory by KO, TKO or DQ and that's as low as a 4/5 price tag right now. This is an exception rather than the rule as Mayweather has seemingly won every fight by decision over the last few years and this one could prove no exception unless McGregor's boxing and overall toughness just can't compete.

Mayweather is as high as 11/5 to win by decision while McGregor is virtuall impossible to win by decision with a price as high as 40/1. McGregor is a solid 7/1 to win the fight by a KO or TKO and a flash knockdown here really could be in the cards. While McGregor has nothing to lose here, you have to wonder how Mayweather will prepare for this fight?


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