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Latest 2020 Election Betting Update

With the Fake News literally broadcasting a steady stream of unfounded Russia Paranoia on a 24/7 basis, many people would be forgiven for thinking that the Donald Trump administration was perpetually on the verge of collapse and that the Donald himself would not see out his term and would be shunted out to prison after somehow committing “treason” for the high crime of, well, nobody actually seems to be that sure.


Pouring a bit of water on the leftist fantasies that perpetuate much of the professional media chattering class, the bookmakers in Europe have listed odds on Donald Trump to see out his term, possibly be elected again in 2020 and who might wind up facing off against him in the next election.

While TV news media seem to be convinced that “collusion” will soon spell the end of the Trump regime, Bet365 has put that to bed by listing a 7/2 price tag on Donald Trump to have Congress decide against him during his term. That’s probably a lot higher than the likes of Wolf Blitzer or Jake Tapper would certainly have you believe this time.

In fact, Donald Trump is odds-on to see out his term and you can back an 8/11 listing on him to see out his term into the 2020 election. Whether he runs or not is another thing - you kind of reckon he would run again just to spite his critics (and also the fact that he’s good at campaigning and would probably win).

You can lock in a 9/4 price on Donald Trump to win the 2020 election and that’s not a bad price at all. The second favourite for this one - Mike Pence - who can be backed at a 9/1 listing. Constant Trump critic and American Elizabeth Warren can be backed at an 11/1 price tag.

Michelle Obama can be backed at a 20/1 price tag but you have to assume she wants no part of politics anymore. You’ll also find Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan and Kamala Harris all trading at 28/1.


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