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Latest Brexit Betting Update PT 1

It’s been virtually impossible not to follow the endless stream of news and opinion flowing out of the media and the tongues of our friends and neighbours as it looks as though the Brexit drama is reaching a crescendo in the next couple of days and weeks.


Theresa May has been under fire for quite some time and it looks as though it is a do or die situation for her in her effort to win support for her Brexit plan going forward through parliament.

Needless to say, the bookmakers are seizing on this situation and offering up a very interesting slate of betting odds and markets on the upcoming situation for Brexit punters. It’s worth keeping your eye on a number of different bookmakers since the odds can vary quite a bit depending on what outcome you fancy in any particular markets.

Right now the latest markets getting the most attention is the 2nd Referendum betting market and you’ll notice that it’s priced at around ½ for the No option with several top bookmakers while the Yes option is floating in a very interesting range of prices.

As it currently stands, you’ll find the Yes Option for a 2nd Brexit Referendum trading anywhere between 13/10 all the way up to 17/11 depending on whom you’re wagering with.

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