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Latest Brexit Betting Update PT 2

Right now, the date for a possible Brexit is still very much up in the air with several bookmakers floating prices that indicate they don’t think that anything will happen prior to 2022. The odds right now trade around a 9/5 margin for that outcome with two slots in 2019 being the next favoured outcome.


You’ll find that between January 2019 and March of 2019 is priced at an 11/4 margin while April of 2019 thru June of 2019 can be backed at a 10/3 listing at this point in time.

A few bookmakers continue to float Theresa May to remain as the UK Prime Minister when the United Kingdom succeeds from the European Union and you’ll find that trading at a price of around ½ at the time of this writing. Another referendum prior to the end of the 2019 year can be backed at around a 6/4 price with a few different outfits.

The UK to wind up leaving the EU with no actual Brexit deal in place before April 1st of 2019 can be backed at around a 7/2 margin with a number of bookmakers at this point in time.

A Meaningful Vote in the House of Commons is heavily favoured to not happen with prices right now floating around 1/100 for that to actually happen while a Meaningful Vote would reward at a 16/1 margin across the board if it were actually to come to fruition.

It looks as though the uncertainty is affecting the prices of the bookmakers but the odds could definitely start swinging quite quickly as we go forward into the rest of 2019.


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