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Latest UK Election Betting Odds PT 1

Things are certainly getting interesting in the wagering markets in regards to promotions as we get closer to the election this Thursday and the bookmakers are hauling out all sorts of interesting offers and enhanced prices to get new punters in the door and existing clients spending in different markets than they normally would.


The Conservatives remain very distinct favourites to pull off the victory and they have been for quite some time despite the odds having gotten considerably tighter in the weeks leading up to this one. Right now, you'll find the Conservatives to pull off a victory rewards at a pretty slim listing of 1/9 at the absolute highest with a number of books going as short as 1/14.

It's worth remembering that these are the same bookmakers who got Brexit and Donald Trump completely backwards and wound up getting nailed by savvy punters who were able to hit at excellent prices.

Back around New Years, the Tories to to pull off a victory in the next election was trading at a slim 2/5 price and it got as short as a 1/100 price tag back at the start of May – now it has shortened considerably yet still remains the most favoured outcome by a good distance.

If you favour the Theresa May-led Tories to suffer a defeat at the hands of Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party then you're looking at fairly enticing odds if you're willing to back it with real money. You can lock in a price of around 7/1 right now as the highest option with the majority of books going around 6/1.

Betting outright on the Prime Minister after the electoin looks to be an interesting option that adds some value if you're looking to back the Conservative Party with Theresa May being the next Prime Minister rewarding at a best price of 2/9 – while Jeremy Corbyn can be backed at a price as high as 9/2 right now.


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