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Latest UK Election Betting Odds PT 2

The next best-priced contender looks to be Boris Johnson, who can be backed at a listing as short as 33/1 while the odds then jump up to 66/1 for the likes of Amber Rudd.


The bookmakers do not favour a Hung Parliament with the “No” Option rewarding at a 1/5 price tag and the “Yes” Option paying out at a 3/1 listing.

Wagering an an overall majority here looks to be another interesting option for those looking to back the Tories but still get a bit of a premium on the 1/9 best price on outright winner. You can lock in a listing as high as 2/7 on a Conservative Majority and that's a bit of a roll of the dice for some who have been really believing a lot of the headlines that have been coming our way over the past couple of weeks.

Most bookmakers offer up a Conservative Majority at a price of about 1/4 while No Overall Majority is the next best-priced option at a listing as high as 9/2. A Labour Majority looks to be pretty unlikely but it's still an option and you can back that at a listing of about 20/1 with some bookmakers while others have it priced as low as an 8/1 shot.

There are also a few interesting specials out there and they include UKIP to win no seats, which can be backed at 1/12 while UKIP to win at least 1 seat will reward at a price of about 6/1 right now – it's worth looking at.

Turnout is also an interesting option that's up for grabs and you can get 63% or above at a 4/11 price while more than 65% will pay out at an enticing 11/10 listing. Anywhere between 60.01% and 65% will pay out at 5/4.

The Conservative vote percentage looks to be the most fascinating market in terms of price right now with 40-45% tradng at 11/10 while 45-50% can be backed at 13/8. A 35-40% total would pay out at 6/1, which is the same amount as 50% or higher.  

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