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Next Swansea Manager Betting Odds PT 1

Things have definitely gone from bad to worse for Swansea - a team that erupted onto the English Premier League a few years back when they were promoted up from the Championship and quickly proved that they were able to tangle with nearly any side and manage to get some type of a result if they really wound up playing their best football.

After sitting basement in the English Premier League for the better part of a few months, the Welsh side has dropped their manager and are now seeking a replacement.

As usual for an English Premier League side, there are a slew of recognizable names piling up as punters and football observers alike begin pondering who might be taking the helm. You have to reckon there won’t be an entirely huge amount of pressure on the next manager since the bookmakers consider Swansea to be the only side who are odds-on for the drop in the English Premier League this time around.

When trying to factor in who’s actually going to wind up leading Swansea, you have to think that the drop could be a foregone conclusion and would the manager enjoy spending next year managing in the Championship when they could take a higher profile continental side instead?

The bookmakers seem to be struggling to price a number of the options who are currently in the mix and this is going to be really helpful if you’re one of those types who jumps on early and manages to lock on to the inevitable favourite when they are still floated at 20/1 in a disorganized market.


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