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Next Swansea Manager Betting Odds PT 2

Not letting the news headlines really sway you is also important as what you’re seeing on the standard football news and social media sites are typically priced into any odds you actually come across already.

As it currently stands, it appears as though Frank De Boer is the betting favourite to be named as the next Swansea manager with a number of bookmakers pricing him anywhere from 5/4 all the way up to 9/4 depending on whom you’re actually wagering with.

Tony Pulis is available and many feel that he would be a good shout for this Swansea side since he has demonstrated the ability to turn teams around before even when they’re sitting in a bad spot at the basement of the English Premier League.

You’ll find Tony Pulis trading anywhere from a 10/3 price tag to a 5/1 listing right now with the majority of major bookmakers. There is a lot to like about his chances and he would probably fancy a go with Swansea.

Ronald Koeman is an interesting option here and he’s been unemployed for just a couple of weeks now after having been let go at Everton not too long ago. Now he may be able to stay in the English Premier League and take on the mantle with Swansea and you reckon that he would enjoy the ability to redeem his reputation again at the highest level.


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