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The political situation in America is starting to get more interesting by the day as Obama supporters are becoming distinctly less enthusiastic as we draw closer to the 2010 mid-terms and the 2012 Presidential Election.
The Tea Party factor is certainly being felt across the country and, while some observers may dismiss them as simple right-wing populists, this loosely-organized group has shown that they have the organization and the ability to usurp established Republicans and then actually win the seat.
Mitt Romney is outside the Tea Party fold and he’s trading at a 3.85 price on Betfair to be named the Republican nominee for President in 2012. There is a lot of time between now and then and you reckon that Romney is just a bit underwhelming, and maybe even a little too left-leaning, for the current mood in the Republican camp.
Sarah Palin made headlines last week by taking her travelling road show to Iowa- the starting point for every American political campaign. The Mama Grizzly herself has refused to withdraw her name as a possible 2012 contender and she is listed at a very competitive price to secure the nomination.
Sarah Palin’s odds to be the Republican nominee are listed at 4.6 on Betfair.
One outside selection that political punters should keep an eye on is junior Senator John Thune of South Dakota. He is currently listed as the third favourite with a very solid 7.4 price tag. Thune is known to hold moderate views on certain issues but still received a rating of 100 from the American Conservative Union. He seems to tick all the boxes and we’ve definitely seen it proven that a junior Senator can get the nod and win the Presidency.
Other notable betting odds include Mitch Daniels at 7.8, Tim Pawlenty at 9.0, Newt Gingrich at 10.5 and Mike Huckabee at a 16.0 listing. Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal trades at 30.0 while General David Petraeus is available at a 34.0 listing- he would be a very good candidate if he chose to run.
Jeb Bush’s odds to be next Republican nominee is at 25.0 while Ron Paul can be backed at 36.0. Kay Bailey Hutchinson trades at 85.0 with John McCain being the longest shot on the board at 300.0.
The Democrats are still favoured to win the election with a 1.77 price while the Republicans are definitely within touching distance at 2.2.  

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