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Snap 2017 Election Betting Update PT 2

The Liberal Democrats were a much bigger factor years ago when things were especially tight in termns of parliamentary seats but now the LibDems are out in the wilderness but, again, very oddly priced between bookmakers. Right now, you'l find them trading as low as a 16/1 margin and all the way up to a 66/1 margin to form the next government.


UKIP are available anywhere between a 66/1 to a 500/1 margin and that would certainly be too much for some people to handle if that was to actually happen, though you reckon they have a better chance than the Green Party who can be backed between 100/1 and 500/1 with the vast majority of books preferring the latter.

The bookmakers are confident that we won't be having a hung parliament here and you'll find that the No option can be backed at a 1/12 margin while the Yes option is trading around a 5/1 shout right now with most major bookmakers.

Betting on the outright Prime Minister offers a bit more value here and there with Theresa May carrying a price as high as a 1/10 margin to be the next Prime Minister while Jeremy Corbyn can be backed at a 17/2 listing at the time of this writing. Keir Starmer an Owen Smith are both trading at a 33/1 margin while Tim Farron and Boris Johnson are certainly outside contenders at a 66/1 listing. David Miliband is a 125/1 shout.

Nigel Farage can be backed as high as 200/1 to be the next UK Prime Minister, somehow.

For those looking to add a little bit of extra value to backing the Conservatives, you'll find them priced at a 1/6 margin to win a Majority in the next election. If you'rebacking NO Overall Majority you have a much heftier payout in the neighbourhood of 11/2 with quite a few bookmakers going as short as a 4/1 listing.


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