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Top Goalscorer Odds for the Champions League PT 1

With all of the excitement surrounding the Champions League Draw for the Group Stages, you can also take advantage of some really exciting prices for the top goalscorer betting - also known as the Golden Boot. This year looks to be a pretty tricky puzzle to decipher and you’ll recognize a lot of the top names here as genuine contenders to secure the trophy at the end of the season.


Wagers like this are tricky because you need to factor in several different considerations if you expect to cash your wager. Betting on a player who may be a big name who scores plenty of goals for their side can sometimes be a hinderance if there are a few other good goalscorers on that exact same side.

You can also have to expect players to stay healthy throughout the season as missing a few months of Champions League action can virtually rule out a player from their ability to pull off a steady stream of good goals. Another major factor can be their group stage opponents being particularly weak - if a player can score 3 or 4 against a minnow side in a 7-0 or 8-0 romp then you can expect them to be in pole position going forward.

The best option is usually to opt for a player who doesn’t play for one of the absolute top tier sides but for whom most of the teams goals tend to flow through. If you can combine this with an extended run into the semi-finals then you can usually lock down a fairly good selection.

Combining that with a players who takes virtually all of the teams penalties can also be a major asset if you’re looking to cash a winning ticket on a golden boot wager in the Champions League.


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