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US 2020 Presidential Betting Update PT 1

With a number of democratic candidates already having announced their presidential campaigns for the year 2020, things are definitely starting to heat up in the betting markets as well with a fair amount of movement starting to develop in the outright and Democratic nominee markets.


The fact remains that despite two years of nearly constant media pressure and a lot of outside expectations of impeachment or some impending disaster be following the Trump Administration he goes into the next election as the robust favorite to not only take the victory but potentially build on the lead that he established last time.

One of the crucial problems could the Democrats right now is the fact that the party is undergoing a significant amount of internal pressure shifting to a more far-left position that involves the likes of universal healthcare and free college education provided by the government.

These types of issues play very well in the coastal hotbeds we're Democrats typically experienced a lot of support - this is where Hillary Clinton was pushed over the line in the popular vote by Californians who voted for her. But you have to wonder how it's going to actually play in Middle America which is where Trump was able to make his move in 2016.

You can expect Donald Trump to continue to build on his lead in the any post market right now and if he's exonerated by the Mueller report then you can expect his price to drop even further - that looks to be the case already with a number of political operatives laying the foundation for viewers to not be particularly expected of any specifics coming over Mueller’s much-anticipated report which is expected to be next week.


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