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US 2020 Presidential Betting Update PT 2

Taking a look at the market right now, you'll find that Donald Trump trade that a 2/1 price tag to be named as the next president following the election in 2020. There is a lot of time between now and then I don't know what happened but things still look to be a lot less tumultuous than they were at the Inception of his presidency when the odds of impeachment or censure much higher


Trump has listed in a much higher price to win the election on the day of actual voting in 2016 so for him to be coming in with this much of a lead and the fact that he is unlikely to face a serious primary challenge also makes this a price set my tax really look fairly tempting as we go forward.

The Democrats have a lot of different options here and they all look to be trying to stand out from the crowd and connect with them in ways that they have seen some other popular Democrats do over the last while with enhanced usage of social media and attention-getting rallies.

Kamala Harris currently ranks as the outright favourite and she is trading at an 11/2 price to be named as the next president of the United States with Bernie Sanders coming in less than a week after announcing his candidacy and available at a solid 10/1 price tag.

The bookmakers are struggling to price Joe Biden who has still not announced to run and he can be back anywhere from 11/2 all the way up to a 10/1 price tag with several top European bookmakers. Other notables include Beto O'Rourke who trades anywhere between 7/1 and 14/1 to be named as the next president and Elizabeth Warren who's troubled candidacy already sees her priced at a 25/1 listing.


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