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World Cup 2018 Goalscorer Betting PT 1

With the 2018 World Cup just around the corner one of the biggest betting markets that everybody is looking at is the goal scorer wagering and this can be an extremely lucrative way to place bets on the upcoming World Cup. One of the best reasons why you'll find this one can pay off so well the fact that a lot of the odds begin in the double-digits so if you get your guest right you're looking at a very happy payoh from the bookmakers.

One of the most interesting strategies surrounding this type of wager it's selecting a player from a lower-ranked team who is going to go further into the competition than they probably should oftentimes a lot of these clubs have a very one-dimensional approach to their offense with the goals being scored exclusively by one person.

It's also worth looking at potential matchups and finding contest where a high-profile team such as Germany or Brazil will face off against a lower-ranked side and grab a hatful of goals. Oftentimes one player will help himself to a hat-trick and that will Propel him further into the contest and make him the selection to beat in the World Cup goal scorer wagering.

A lot of the higher-ranked teams have a number of different players who can grab goals from any area and the biggest downside to this is that they are spread out amongst all the players on the side.

Take a look at sides like England and Belgium and you'll probably find a good opportunity to cash a bad here. With players such as Harry Kane for England making this an especially interesting opportunity.


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