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World Cup Betting Update PT 2

France is considered to be a very interesting selection here and they typically do either extremely well or extremely poorly at these types of international tournaments and nobody's quite sure exactly how things are going to shape up this time around Russia.

Spain and Belgium are also in the mix as well and they deserve plenty of consideration as you move forward with your wages and Spain have been able to put together some really good performances over the last couple of tournaments - coming very close to winning several of them.

Lionel Messi's Argentina side are trading at a very plausible price to win the 2018 World Cup and he seems to be one that the bookmakers are looking towards as putting together a breakout performance this time around and he has plenty of really good backup and support players at Argentina so you can expect them to progress fairly deeply into the tournament if they get off to a decent start with in the group stages of the competition.

Englander the next best priced Contender and you'll note that they trade at a very solid price here - and that price has dropped considerably since Gareth Southgate has been able to put together his excellent campaign of qualifying with a very much new-look England side that is focused intensely on youth.

There are number of relatively unproven players at the international stage and a lot of players may have performed very well at club level that have still yet to stamp their impressions on an England Jersey at this point in their careers.

Belgium of the next shortest race team and they posted very talented group of potential world-beaters and they also have a very plausible group stage progression.


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